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Joanie Madden
cover Joanie Madden - Song of the Irish Whistle

cover Joanie Madden - Song of the Irish Whistle, Vol. 2

cover Joanie Madden - A Whistle on the Wind

Michael McGoldrick
cover Mike McGoldrick - Wired

cover John McSherry & Mike McGoldrick - At First Light

cover Michael McGoldrick - Fused

Séamus & Manus McGuire
cover Manus McGuire - Saffron & Blue

cover Manus & Séamus McGuire featuring Daithí Sproule - Carousel

cover Séamus McGuire - The Wishing Tree

Mary MacNamara
cover Mary MacNamara - Traditional Music From East Clare

Andy McGann
cover Andy McGann & Paul Brady - Masters of Irish Music: It's a Hard Road to Travel

cover Andy McGann & Paddy Reynolds

cover Joe Burke, Felix Dolan, Andy McGann - Masters of Irish Music: The Funny Reel - Traditional Music of Ireland

cover Joe Burke, Felix Dolan, Andy McGann - A Tribute to Michael Coleman

Matt Molloy
cover Matt Molloy - Music At Matt Molloy's

cover Matt Molloy - Shadows on Stone

cover Matt Molloy - Matt Molloy

cover Matt Molloy - The Stoney Steps

cover Matt Molloy - Contentment is Wealth with Seán Keane

cover Matt Molloy - Heathery Breeze

Christy Moore
cover Planxty - 1964 - 2004 [Box Set]

cover Christy Moore - Traveller

cover Christy Moore - Collection, Pt. 2

cover Christy Moore - This Is The Day

cover Christy Moore - King Puck

cover Christy Moore - Smoke & Strong Whiskey

cover Christy Moore - At The Point Live

cover Christy Moore - Graffiti Tongue

cover Christy Moore - Christy Moore

cover Christy Moore - Voyage

cover Christy Moore - The Iron Behind The Velvet

cover Christy Moore - Live In Dublin

cover Christy Moore - Prosperous

The Mulcahy Family
cover The Mulcahy Family - The Mulcahy Family

Denis Murphy & Julia Clifford
cover Denis Murphy & Julia Clifford - The Star Above the Garter

Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola
cover Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola - An Raicin Alainn

Laurence Nugent
cover Laurence Nugent - The Windy Gap

cover Laurence Nugent - Two For Two

cover Laurence Nugent - Traditional Irish Music on Flute and Tin Whistle

Connie O'Connell
cover Connie O'Connell - Ceol Cill Na Martra

Sinéad Ó Connor
cover Sinéad Ó Connor - Sean Nís Nua

Íarla Ó Lionáird
cover Íarla Ó Lionáird - I Could Read the Sky

cover Íarla Ó Lionáird - The Seven Steps to Mercy

Gearóid Ó hAlmhurain
cover Gearóid Ó hAlmhurain - Traditional Music From Clare and Beyond

cover Gearóid Ó hAlmhurain & Patrick Ourceau - Tracin'

Peadar Ó Ríada
cover Peadar Ó Ríada - Winds: Gentle Whisper

cover Peadar Ó Ríada - Amidst These Hills

Seán Ó Riada
cover Ó Riada Sa Gaeity - Le Seán Ó Sé Agus Ceoltoiri Cualann

cover Seán Ó Riada - Ó Riada's Farewell

cover Seán Ó Riada -

cover Seán Ó Riada - Ó Riada

Micho Russell
cover Micho Russell - Ireland's Whistling Ambassador: Tin Whistle Music and Songs from Doolin, County Clare

Patrick Street Kevin Burke, Jackie Daly, Andy Irvine & Ged Foley
also Celtic Fiddle Festival feat. Kevin Burke
cover Patrick Street - Street Life

cover Patrick Street - Compendium

cover Patrick Street - Live From Patrick Street

cover Patrick Street - Made In Cork

cover Patrick Street - Cornerboys

cover Patrick Street - The Irish Times

cover Patrick Street - All In Good Time

cover Patrick Street - No. 2

cover Patrick Street - Patrick Street

cover Kevin Burke - Sweeney's Dream

cover Kevin Burke - In Concert

cover Kevin Burke - If The Cap Fits

cover Kevin Burke - Open House

cover Kevin Burke - Up Close

cover Kevin Burke - Portland

cover Celtic Fiddle Festival - Encore

cover Celtic Fiddle Festival - Rendezvous

cover Celtic Fiddle Festival

cover Jackie Daly - Music from Sliabh Luachra

cover Jackie Daly & Kevin Burke - Eavesdropper

cover Jackie Daly - Many's A Wild Night

cover Jackie Daly & Seamus Creagh

Tommy Peoples
cover Tommy Peoples - Waiting for a Call

cover Tommy Peoples - The Quiet Glen/An Gleann Ciúin

cover Tommy Peoples - The Iron Man

cover Tommy Peoples - High Part of the Road

cover Tommy Peoples - Molloy, Brady, Peoples

cover Providence - A Fig For A Kiss

Ed Reavy
cover Ed Reavy - The Music of Ed Reavy

cover Solas - Waiting For An Echo

cover Solas - Another Day

cover Solas - Edge of Silence

cover Solas - The Hour Before Dawn

cover Solas - The Words That Remain

cover Solas - Sunny Spells & Scattered Showers

cover Solas - Solas

cover Séamus Egan - In Your Ear

cover Séamus Egan - Irish Isle

cover Séamus Egan - When Juniper Sleeps

cover Séamus Egan - Traditional Music of Ireland

cover Séamus Egan - The Brothers McMullen: Soundtrack

cover Séamus Egan - Week In January

cover Karen Casey - Chasing The Sun

cover Karan Casey - Songlines

cover Karan Casey - Seal Maiden: A Celtic Musical

cover Karan Casey - The Winds Begin to Sing

cover Karan Casey - Distant Shore

Desi Wilkinson
cover Providence - A Fig For A Kiss

Séamus Tansey
cover Séamus Tansey - Easter Snow

cover Téada - Oisin Mac Diarmada Ar An Bhfidil

cover Téada - Give Us a Penny & Let Us Be Gone

cover Téada - Téada

Tulla Ceili Band
cover Tulla Ceili Band - Celebration of 50 Years

John Williams
cover John Williams - Steam

cover John Williams - John Williams

cover Road to Perdition - Motion Picture Soundtrack Piper - Kieran O'Hare

cover Road to Perdition - DVD

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