tune links:

ABC Converter on Concertina.net - Converts ABC text into JPG,PDF and MIDI ... no download required.... beautiful!
 ABC Database
 BBC's Virtual Session - the name says it all.
Celtic Lyrics Collection - Song lyric's and translations.
Ceolas Tunes - Bibliography of fiddle tunes.
 Clips & Snips - MP3's submitted by players around the Glób.
The Dublin Traditional Archives - Featuring MP3's of players such as Tommy Martin & Donnacha Dwyer
Irish Traditional Music Tune Index - Recorded tunes index.
IrishTunes.net - Collection of traditional and contemporary Irish dance tunes.
 JC's Tune Finder excellent searchable tunebook.
Mudcat Café - Song lyric's and translations.
O'Neill's Music of Ireland - Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Melodies in ABC format.
O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland - O'Neill's 1001 in ABC format.
O'Neill's Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody - in ABC format.
Chief O'Neill's Music - PDF and Midi formats. *
300 Tuens From Mike Rafferty
The Reel Book
 The Session - Excellent for tunes in ABC & GIF formats, also good for finding sessions. Includes background info on each tune.
 Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club - Tune of the month.
Technique and style in Irish traditional music - nice selection of transcriptions. *
Tips for Learning Irish Traditional Music
UCC Song Book

tune book downloads:
Paddy O'Brien Sets Adobe Acrobat PDF
John Walsh's Session Tunes Adobe Acrobat PDF
Michael Eskin's Tunebook's Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Blarney Star - Book #1
  • Blarney Star - Book #2
  • The Field Tunebook
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