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Lessons available on uilleann pipes, whistle, low whistle and bodhrán.

Classes take place at my house or online using Google Meet, Zoom,Facetime, Facebook Video, WhatsAp, Skype or whatever other option you prefer.

What you'll get:
  1. One hour one-on-one lesson taught via webcam. The screen can be maximized to fill your monitor without any deterioration of quality or connection.
  2. A private video posted to YouTube of the tune we worked on played slow and then up to speed.
  3. Eternal peace, harmony and satisfaction in every facet of your being... not to mention the triplets, crans and tunes :)
What you'll need:
  1. A set of pipes, a whislte or a bodhrán, depending on the lesson you wish to take.
  2. Access to a webcam and microphone. These come with most newer machines and if not you can get a pretty good webcam for around $20 which will very likely include a microphone.
  3. A broadband internet connection.
  4. Google Meet is my current preferred video communications app. No download required!
    Zoom, Facetime, MySpace, Skype or whatever you prefer can all be used.
  1. One hour private lesson for $60.
  2. Half hour private lesson for $35.
  3. Five or more prescheduled lessons qualify for a 5% discount.
  4. Payment via Venmo is preferred to @Patrick-DArcy-85256
  5. If you must use Paypal please select "friends and family" to avoid unnessary fees to PatDarcy

If you would like to save the video for future reference there are a number of app's that will do this for you.

sample lesson:


Review by David O'Keeffe
Uilleann Pipes, Online

I have been taking lessons with Pat for about a year now. I started with Irish Tin Whistle lessons in LA at Pat's house but I then moved to San Francisco where I continue with lessons via Skype. I have had some teachers in the past but Pat is by far the best teacher I have come to work with. I recently picked up the uilleann pipes and Pat has been instrumental to my advancement in understanding and playing of this instrument.

He is a very professional and approachable teacher. He is very flexible and accommodating with scheduling lesson times. What is very important to myself is how Pat is always looking to improve the my technique and is very encouraging, which keeps me wanting to learn more and more.

I would highly recommend Pat as a teacher. He is the best out there in my experience.

Review by Susan O'Connell
Irish Pipes, Online

Patrick has been teaching my son for a couple years now. He is excellent! My son kept having problems with his pipes and Patrick was able to fix those problems within the first couple lessons. We are very pleased with Patrick and feel blessed to have him as my sons teacher. He is very patient and kind with my son who is very introverted. I would highly recommend Patrick for lessons.

Review by Fel Bautista
Irish Pipes, Online & In Person

Been taking lessons from Pat over the years (2003) , both in person and on-line. Great instructor, patient and goes over the bits that I have difficulty with.

Review by Mike de Smidt, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Uilleann Pipes, Online

I had one of Pat's skype lessons after a long drought of not being able to play the pipes. We spent the whole hour working on one tune, with all the technique one could throw into it. Not only is it a great opportunity to work on old technique, but to learn all sorts of new stuff that you can do with both the music as well as what the chanter is capable of doing musically. All in all an incredibly profitable experience. Thanks Patrick!

Review by Joe Lynn, Downingtown, PA, USA
Uilleann Pipes, Online

Thanks for the lesson on Skype. From 3000 miles away, it was almost like being in the same room. I really enjoyed it.

Review by Ken Matley, NY, USA
Uilleann Pipes, Online

For someone who started playing the Uilleann pipes in relative isolation, gave up after a few years, and started again decades later, Patrick's lessons are a godsend. It is so much easier to know where you are coming from and where you are going when you have an expert listening and watching. I started with in-person lessons and changed to Skype lessons when I moved away from SoCal.

Patrick is knowledgable, supportive, and full of encouragement. He bases his lessons on where the student is at that particular time, adding or subtracting complexity as needed. His instruction in technique and suggestions about style are invaluable and I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn the pipes or improve their playing.

Review by Patrick Maun, St. Paul, MN, USA
Uilleann Pipes, Online

Nothing can replace the knowledge you get with one-on-one tuition. Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to a great teacher like Patrick D'Arcy. Thankfully, technology is allowing those struggling on their own to finally experience this invaluable and traditional method of learning the uilleann pipes. Patrick is a great teacher and my piping has improved exponentially since starting lessons with him.

Review by Dan McHugh, Delaware, DE, USA
Uilleann Pipes, Online

The instruction is just as useful as if Mr. D'Arcy was right in my own living room. I will definitely do this again.

Review by Mark Olson, Nebraska, IN, USA
Uilleann Pipes, Online

Thanks Pat, great lesson!

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