willie week 1997
Waiting for the bus... Waiting for the bus to Galway in Milltown Malbay on the Monday after Willie Week 1997.
Seán Talty... Seán Talty and Frankie Gavin playing for 'T na G' at Willie Week 1997. That yellow t-shirt on the right looks familiar, Todd?
Seán Talty... Seán Talty and Frankie Gavin prepare to play for 'T na G' at Willie Week 1997.

San Francisco Tionól... San Francisco Tionól February 1997 with, guest piper, Mick O'Brien center.
Taylor sets and Wooff sets... Taylor sets and Wooff sets at the San Francisco Tionól.
Paddy Keenan, Ted Anderson and Conall O'Raghallaigh... Paddy Keenan, Ted Anderson and Conall O'Raghallaigh get down.
Paddy Keenan making reeds. Paddy Keenan making reeds.
Paddy Keenan... Paddy Keenan playing his Crowley set.
Paddy Keenan... Paddy Keenan playing in the garden.
Todd Denman... Todd Denman, Paddy Keenan, can someone tell me his name, I've forgotten:(, Conall O'Raghallaigh, Mike Euritt and Ted Anderson
Ted Anderson... Ted Anderson playing his almighty Taylor set.
Craig Fischer... Craig Fischer sent me this picture of Geoff Wooff playing his fabled Harrington set. The picture was taken in 1988.
I have borrowed this photo... I have borrowed this photo of Geoff Wooff fromThe Irish Pipers' Club. ©Peter Laban, Milltown Malbay.
A Geoff Wooff B set... A Geoff Wooff B set in ebony, boxwood and nickel silver.
Craig sent me this... Craig sent me this picture also of a beautiful Harrington set. It is a brass and ebony set in 'B'. Similar to Seán Talty's.
Brigid Reagan... Brigid Reagan and myself playing a St.Patrick's Day concert in the Gene Autrey Western Heritage Museum.
My poor pipes... My poor pipes... D set by Eugene Lambe.
A space ship. A space ship.
Have a guess...... Have a guess......
Thanks to Mark Walstrom... Thanks to Mark Walstrom for sending me the following six photos. This is of the set mentioned in "Irish Minstrels and Musicians" as being the "Great Irish Pipe with double bass regulator and 27 keys" supposedly given to a blind piper in Dublin named Ferguson by Queen Victoria. Or atleast thats what he would have let people believe. They were made by Michael Egan. Anyone out there know where they are now?
Willie Clancy's old Coyne 'B' set... Willie Clancy's old Coyne 'B' set. ©Peter Laban, Milltown Malbay.
A lovely Willie Rowesome... A lovely Willie Rowesome set in D# made from cocus wood, walrus tusk and brass.
Marks own Wooff 'B' set... Marks own Wooff 'B' set. Quite a specimen!
An M.Egan chanter... An M.Egan chanter dated at approx. 1850. Made of boxwood, ivory and brass.
A reeeeally old Union Pipe. A reeeeally old Union Pipe.
A Taylor set... The "Beaty" Taylor set with a rediculous amount of bores and reeds, but wouldn't I like to get my paws on them.
The 1st. uilleann... The 1st. uilleann pipe meeting in Southern California, December 1997. Tim, Richard, Patrick (Yep, that's me :), Gabriel, Catherine and Victor. The beginning of the Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club.
Robbie Hannan and Andreas Rogge... Robbie Hannan and Andreas Rogge at the 1998 Seattle Tionól.
Our March 1998 meeting... Our March 1998 meeting with special guest, pipemaker, Nick Adams (centre).
Pat Mitchell... Thanks to Rex Kelly, my WW room-mate for these two snaps. This is Pat Mitchell playing at an afternoon recital at Willie Week 1998. That's Jimmy O'Brien-Moran, listening in, with the green jacket.
Tom Clarke... Tom Clarke playing at an afternoon recital at Willie Week 1998.
Al Purcell... Al Purcell presiding over an impromptu Southern California Pipers' Club meeting held in his honour. November 1998.
SCPC's 1st. Anniversary Meeting... SCPC's 1st. Anniversary Meeting December 1998. Quite a turnout!
(Front row, left to right) Gabriel McKeagney, Patrick D’Arcy, Victor Fitzsimmons, Cathy McFadden, Sam O’Kane, Paidin Bradley.
(Back row, left to right) Dennis Kiick, Dave Collins, Tim Doughty, Larry Dunn, Donald Kittmer, Tom Wolverton, Robert Doiel and son Steven, Bill Graham, Kate McCloskey, Ted Bates, Richard Cook, Richard Ramirez (Cha Cha), John McKeagney, David Coltrup.
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