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Banba Design - Uilleann pipe reeds & supplies
Blizzard Records
Boulevard Music - Culver City
Caber Records - Bagpipe Music - Caber Records produces bagpipe music and traditional Scottish folk music available for MP3 download.
Celtic Grooves Imports
Cló Iar-Chonnachta
Claddagh Records
Concert Tickets HQ Resource Directory
 Copperplate Distribution
Crehans Musical Instruments
Custy's Music Shop
  •  In Session at Custy's
     Green-Linnet/Xenophile Records
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  • Kevin Crawford - In Good Company
  • Séamus Ennis - Forty Years of Irish Piping
  • Martin Hayes - The Lonesome Touch
  • Paddy Keenan - Na Keen Affair
  • Kíla - Tóg É Go Bog É
  • Kíla - Lemonade & Buns
  • Lúnasa - Otherworld
  • Lúnasa - The Merry Sisters of Fate
  • Lúnasa - Redwood
  • Jerry O'Sullivan - The Invasion
  • Shantalla
    Hummingbird Records
    Irish Music Box
    The Living Tradition - Music Shop
    Maree Music
    Mercier Press
    The Music Shop
    Open Ear Productions
    Ossian Ireland
    Ossian USA
    Scotloads - Home of Scottish Music - Visit Scotloads for great Scottish cds and mp3s. Sample all our music, free mp3 for new members, gig listings and more..
    Shanachie Records
    Patrick Sky Books &
     Tara Music plus their Uilleann Piping Page
    Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
  • Davy Spillane Band - Out Of The Air - Mystic Seacliffs
    Traditional Direct
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