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Na Píobairí Uilleann-Piper's Club Website (Ireland)
Cumann na bPíobairí - Seattle Piper's Club Website (USA)

Alaska Pipers Club
Arizona Uilleann Pipers Society
Armagh Pipers' Club
Austin Uilleann Pipers' Club
Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Michael Egan Set with Contra bass reg
Boston Pipers' Club
Chris Bayley's Piping Website
British Columbia Uilleann Pipers' Society
 BM:BWK Video of piper Leonard Barry giving a piping demo on Danish website
Alan Burton - Reedmaking for Uilleann Pipes
Uilleann Pipes Cases - Links on Yahoo!
Saint Chartier Bagpipe Festival
William Clarke - The Ballybay Piper
Clips & Snips - Uilleann Pipes Page - Some tunes in there from Peter Laban
Chiff & Fipple Uilleann Pipe Message Board
Clare County Library search for musician's past & present etc.
  • Willie Clancy
  • Johnny Patterson
    Clare Musicians Website
    Cork Pipers Club - Cumann na bPiobairi, Corcaigh
    Cumann na bPíobairí Uilleann, Áth Cliath - Craobh Leo Rowsome CCÉ
    David Daye's Bagpipe Page
    Denmark Uilleann Pipers Club
    Dutch Uilleann Pipers Club
    Edinburgh University Collection of Historical Musical Instruments
  • Search The Collection
    Easter Snow - Southern French Pipers' Club
    Scoil Shéamuis Ennis - The Naul, Co. Dublin
    Seamus Ennis Centre - The Naul, Co. Dublin
    Fingering Chart for the Uilleann Pipes
    Florida Uilleann Piper's Resource Guide
    The French Uilleann Pipers Club
    French “Pipe Show”
    Gan Ainm - Brittany Piper Association
    Great Northern Irish Pipers Club - St. Paul, Minnesota
    Hudson River Pipers' Club
    Irish Piper's Club of Quebec
    Jun Fukuda's Piping Site
    Evertjan 't Hart's Reed Database
    Johnson's Uilleann Pipe Site
    Richard Katz's Piping Page
    Kennelly Archive - Photographic archive including Willie Clancy and many others. Search for Fleadh, Listowel and Castleisland.
    Léargas - More Power to Your Elbow
    London Uilleann Pipers Club
     McNamara Family-Leitrim's Hidden Treasure
    Midnight Walker Piper in Kobe, Japan
     Millenium Stage JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Try searching for Irish and in another search Pipes.
    Musikmuséet in Stockholm (wow)
    National Museums Scotland - also try a search for union and piping parts.
    Flaithrí & Eoghan Neff
    Barry O'Neill
    South Wales Uilleann Pipers - Wales
    North West Uilleann Pipers - Manchester area, England
    Oslo Uilleann Pipers - Norway
    Paris Uilleann Pipers Club - Na Piobairi - Association des sonneurs de Uillean pipes - Paris, France
    Dedication to Al Purcell - CCÉ Detroit Windsor Branch

    Reeds (Arundo Donax):
  • Uilleann Pipes Reed Adjustment Compendium
  • Early Double Reed Service - Keith E. Loraine
  • Reedmaking Links
  • Eiichi's Physical Property of Arundo donax
  • Medir Musical Instrument Cane
  • the proboeShop - specializing in fine woodwind canes from the VAR since 1975
  • Rico Reeds
  • Sampson Cane - California Natural!
  • Sardinian Cane
  • Stitching Tape and Beeswax

    Paul Reid's Uilleann Pipes Website
    Ritchie Pickow Phototgraphic Archive - Séamus Ennis, Michael Reagh, The McPeake Trio, Leo Rowsome etc.

    Salt Lake Piping Club - Utah
    San Francisco Pipers' Club
    Phil Sexton - Naomi's Fancy
    Joseph Smith - Reeds for Uilleann Pipes
    Souther California Uilleann Pipers Club
    The Southwestern Association of Uilleann Pipers - Cornwall, England
    Tomas Standeven Tribute Page
    Strathspey In May Scottish Uilleann Pipers
    Swiss Uilleann Pipers Club - Switzerland
    Uilleann Pipes and the Cobblestone's Irish Traditional Music Archive - or... Paul Eliasberg's wonderful piping pages
    Uilleann Pipers Club Danmark
    Uilleann Pipe Information List - Dean Karres
    The Universe of Bagpipes Featuring Seán Folsom.
    Nick Whitmer
    Wisconsin Uilleann Pipers' Club
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