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Daniel Bentley - New York, USA - Hi Everyone, my name is Daniel Bentley, I live in central NY. I started playing highland pipes at age 10 but always loved the sound of the uilleann pipes. One day about 3 years ago I bought Atlantic Bridge by Davy Spillane and was bitten by the bug. I play a 3/4 concert pitch set. Chanter and regs by Nick Whitmer and drones by Eugene Lambe. My playing style is a bit on the highland side, from 30 years on the big pipes. I love this instrument!! I love to listen to Paddy Keenan, Jerry O'Sullivan, John McSherry, Johnny Doran, etc. I also play border pipes and guitar. This website has been a great resource for me getting started, thank you Patrick! I am truly obsessed!
Urs Bögli - Esslingen, Switzerland - I started to play the whistle and soon the low one when I was about 18 years old. After a gig with Joe McKenna where I blowed in his chanter and got some remarks about this I was fascinated with the uilleann pipes, but I had no idea how to buy them and there were no pipers around here. So about ten years later one of my band mates explained to somebody what uilleann pipes are and a guy from the next table come over and asked whether he wanted to buy a full set - I did. The set was then about 15 years old boxwood/brass/ivory set made by Alan Ginsberg. After about half a year I found another piper which helped me to repair all the leakages and made me a new reed. Then I could start to play them. I went to Milltown several times as well as to German UP meetings to learn to play. Some 14 years later I should have learned everything (say theory) and should just practice - but that 14 years might be true for these guys playing every day for hours ;-). I still play the Ginsberg set, but I have added an Andreas Rogge Rowsome copy D chanter which is better in tune, sounds great and needs less work to maintain. I play for many years with Sláinte, the local IrTrad band. Keep cranning!
Dave Boling - Huntsville, AL, USA - I started the uilleann pipes back before the turn of the century; it's all a bit of a fog. I switched from whistle to the pipes after hearing Paddy Moloney perform "Táimse im' Chodladh" solo on the Chieftains' "The Celtic Harp". I had heard uilleann pipes before, but that recording pushed me over the edge. I play in local sessions, the usual mix of gigs, and a couple backing sessions for CDs. I'm a regular at the SE Tionols in Tybee and Orlando. I currently play a Kirk Lynch D half-set, a Andreas Rogge C 3/4 set, and am putting back together a Dave Williams B half set. Email: dbs@hiwaay.net
Jack Brennan - I live in South Australia and have been playing for the past 23 years. I first heard the uilleann pipes when I was 17 after buying an L.P. of Finbar Furey which I believe was recorded in Germany. I went to Ireland in the early 80s and bought my first set from Waltons. This was a very strange set, so my next set I bought from Hughes and McLeod in Northern Ireland. Geoff Wooff was still living in Australia in those days, so I got him to make some modifications to that set. I bought the set I am playing now in 1985 from Alain Froment, and I am very happy with this set. I make my own reeds from South Australian cane, and I think because it is grown in this climate it is the best for our weather conditions. I would have to say I am in love with the uilleann pipes and the music, and would dearly love to make it back to Ireland and a Willie Clancy week. Email: brennanjack@optusnet.com.au
Alex Bush - Taragona, Spain - Hello all. I´m from the greater Boston area originally but now am completing a Masters in Chemical Engineering in Spain. I´ve been playing for about three years now on a practice set by David Quinn. Last year I obtained a new chanter reed from Patrick Murray and my little set now sounds like a dream. I am fortunate enough to be on the Koehler and Quinn waiting list and am expecting a full set in C. The players in the picture was the first Tarragona session, but unfortunately, they have all moved to Norway.

As can be expected, the music scene is not hopping here in Tarragona, but we do have a lively little session going now. More emphasis is always paid to rhythm and feel since we have a small repotoire. If anything, we specialize in long sets of 10-20 minutes. If ever in the area, please drop by for a few tunes. I´ll be moving back to the US soon (April 2004) so book your plane tickets now! Email: abush@etse.urv.es
Ole Buhl - Denmark - Started playing the uilleann pipes in 1989 on a practise set made by John Geggie. Then in 90' ordered a Spillane chanter. About 1997 I saw some sets made by Marc Van Daal on the Tønderfestival ( A great folkfestival in Denmark). Got the money to buy a fullset around 2002. Made my own 3/4 b-set 2003. Made drones for a c-set in 2005, with a chanter made by Pat Stones. From 1989 to 2002 I have been learning the piping technics from Heather Clarke's & Pat Sky's tutors. Got in contact with Morten ( www.pipers.dk ) who arranged the first workshop at The Copenhagen Irish Festival 2002 and got my first lessons on the pipes from Brian Mcnamara, later from Tiarnan O Duinnchin and Mick O'Brien. I haven't got the time the last 2 years to go to the Festival ( last year : Paddy Keenan and this year Brendan Ring ). But I practise a lot at home. Using Transcribe a lot to slow down the tunes I am learning. I dont use the small dots on the paper, as I used before. The next step for me is to make a tenor and baritone regulator for my c-set. Friendly regards, Ole Buhl, Danepiper

Pat Cannady - Chicago, Illinois, USA - I grew up in the Detroit area but Chicago is now my home. I started playing pipes in my early 20s while still living in Michigan under the tutelage of Al Purcell, a true gentleman and a fine teacher.

I have two sets by Koehler & Quinn, a ¾ D and a full set in B, and I count myself truly fortunate to be able to play such elegant and sweet instruments. The D is a mix of different parts made at different times from different materials but they work together very well. The B – well, I just love the B. It's a remarkable instrument both to look at and to play. I wish I could play it all day long sometimes, but nothing would get done! : )

Here I am playing the B with my wife, fiddler Karen Cook, at Chicago Celtic fest in September 2003. We play all manner of events in Chicago so please feel free to contact us via our website, www.piobagusfidil.com

Brian Cassidy - Littleton, Colorado, USA - Born and raised in Maine, USA. Have been playing the Irish pipes since 1996. I currently play a concert D set made by Seth Gallagher (since September 2003) and also play a Michael Vignoles concert D set since 1996. My regular occupation as a commercial real estate appraiser keeps me busy, so the pipes are a great way to let off steam.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have received instruction from Kieran O'Maille, Sean Og Potts, Paddy Keenan, Gay McKeown, Tim Britton, Eoin O'Riabhaigh, Bill Tiernan, and Eric Olson. If anyone out there in piping land is planning a visit to Colorado, please be sure to contact me at brianc14b@comcast.net Stay tuned!
Lamont Cranston - Hi! My name is Lamont Cranston, and only my lovely companion Margot Lane knows my true identity. I studied in the Orient for years, where I picked up the Uilleann Pipes and the power to cloud men's minds so they cannot see me.
Tony Collins - Glasgow, Scotland - I've been playing for a couple of years on and off, been playing highland pipes for over a decade and also play border pipes and whistles. Not much tuition happening in Scotland so i'm self taught. I usually get my tunes from John Mcsherry, Paddy Keenan, Michael Mcgoldrick or Lunasa recordings. Hoping to have enough money to buy a set of regs sometime soon. Would always be happy to hear from any other pipers in the area - strathclydepipers@hotmail.co.uk
Caleb Cox - Paradise, Ca - Hi, my name is Caleb Cox and I live near Chico in a smaller town called Paradise. I've been playing Uilleann pipes for 16 years now. I started both the Highland and Irish Pipes at the same time, and have stayed committed to learning them both to the best of my potential. I play a Pedersen D full set made in Brass and Ebony, and a B half set made by Kenneth McNicholl in Scotland. Troy Donockley and Mick O'Brien are my influences. I've been learning how to turn over the last 5 years and have made one successful D chanter in Cherry, and a full set of Highland pipes in Blackwood. My website is calebcox.webs.com where I give a mini tour-de-force of my bagpipe collection from around the world. I play weddings, funerals, parties, do the occasional concert, and have taught music lessons for 13 years. Always love connecting with pipers in north Ca.
Patrick D'Arcy - Los Angeles, California, USA - Of Dublin origin, I am a founding member of the Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club. I am the builder of this fine site and the SoCalPipers.com website among others. I like to write the occassional article or review for The Pipers Review and An Píobaire. I also enjoy performing regularly at weddings, parties, concerts, tionóil and other events. I consider myself very lucky to own a B set by Geoff Wooff and a Taylor style D set by Koehler & Quinn. I give regular piping and whistle classes, if your lookin' - info@uilleannobsession.com. I am also founder of the W.V.A.S.U.N.F.C.S.C.U.P.C. - ask not what it is but know that it is good.
Channing Dodson - Japan - My name is Channing Dodson and I'm originally from Santa Cruz, CA but have been living in Japan for about two years now. I currently teach English in Karasu-cho, Mie Prefecture. I play uilleann pipes, flute, whistles, Highland pipes, and smallpipes, but these days the emphasis has been mainly on the uilleann pipes and flute. Here I am playing my Cillian O Briain half set at a small "house concert" in Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture.
Larry Dunn - Los Angeles, California, USA - A native and resident of Los Angeles, I've been playing the pipes since 1998, something I've wanted to do since I picked up my first Chieftains LP (remember LPs?) back in the mid-70s. I play full set in B by Peter Hunter with regulators by Brad Angus. I also play a magnificent ¾ set in concert pitch by Koehler & Quinn. I belong to NPU and the IPC and serve as the treasurer of the So.Cal Uilleann Pipers' Club (not to mention founding the infamous N.F.C.S.C.U.P.C. splinter group).
Michael Eskin - San Diego, California, USA - I live in the Granite Hills area about 25 miles east of San Diego, California. I've been playing the uilleann pipes since 1999, currently playing a Kirk Lynch half set (soon to be 3/4 set) in D, and a Bruce Childress flat full set in B. I'm very active in the San Diego pub session scene and the Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club. Please visit my home page at www.michaeleskin.com

Bruce Foley - Pittsburgh, USA - My first encounter with the pipes was listening to Tommy Reck playing with the Abbey Tavern Singers. The virus took firm hold and it was the emergence of Planxty and contact with Patrick Sky that got me going with a practice set. My first teacher was Joe Shannon who gave me an appreciation for the American influence on piping since the heyday of the Chicago piper's club in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I played with Clanjamfrey in the 1970's and got a Froment D set in 1988.I currently play around Pittsburgh at sessions and a few gigs and occasionally tour with Tommy Sands with whom I played at Madison Square Gardens for Pete Seeger's 90th birthday on May 3, 2009. I enjoy all the Tionols when I can, hearing all the wonderful pipers from the US, Canada and Ireland.
Charles Fowler - West Virginia, USA - This is a pic me playing a full-set in D with the Berkeley County String Orchestra in West Virginia. I am a full-time musician of 25 years working with a Celtic group called The Unfortunate Rakes. I also have a couple private students on the pipes. I have been living in Martinsburg area of West Virginia for about 11 years now.
Frank Gibbons - Boston, MA - It was the tin whistle that got me started, when I was a young lad (thanks Comhaltas!). After frittering away my teenage years playing classical piano and my early twenties on the silver flute, I finally saw the light. I'd say encounters with Patrick Hutchinson and Cillian Vallely in Boston and Benedict Koehler in Vermont finally pushed me over the edge. The friendly pipers of the San Francisco Pipers Club got me started, and I've been playing away on my Brendan Ring concert-pitch half-set ever since. Email: fdgibbons@gmail.com
Photo credit: Taken by Paul McEvoy, at Boston Celtic Music Festival 2006
David Goldsworthy - Brisbane, Australia. My name is David Goldsworthy. I play an Adrian Jefferies concert pitch chanter with Eugene Lambe Drones. I started piping in about 1991.
Gregory Graham - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - I've been uilleann obsessed since the 1970s. First contact was seeing Joe McKenna play at the Mariposa Folk Festival on Toronto Island circa 1977 or 78. In 1999 I took a sabbatical from my law practice here in Toronto to do a Master's degree at UCD in Dublin. I connected with Joe Doyle of NPU. One of his students was selling a practice set at a reasonable price and I bought it. The set is by Dinny Quigley. Concert D. Beautiful sound. Never lets me down.

I took lessons from Joe Doyle at NPU until I left Dublin in March of 2001. Since then I've just been teaching myself and attending the Langan Weekend in Toronto. I have had one lesson from Debbie Quigley of Toronto so far and I hope to make that a more regular occurrence.

If anyone can connect me with a set of Dinny Quigley or other compatible drones I would be obliged. Email: greg@gregorygraham.com
Rick Hall - I have longed to play the pipes since mid-70's but thought they were beyond the reach of mere mortals until a few years ago. Started out, self-taught, on a Daye penny chanter in 2002 after "18 years of listening". In 2003 Matt McNeely began tutoring me and correcting all my self-taught bad habits. I've been playing Irish music for many years, mainly on hammer dulcimer. I recently had Michael Vignoles make me a half-set, which I am playing here. Email: 1rkhall@comcast.net
Steafan Hannigan - a Session musician, Piper and teacher living in U.K. and moving to Canada in Aug 07. Also plays and teaches a range of traditional Irish instruments. Plays D sets by Dave Shaw and Peter Hunter as well as a D chanter by Johnny Bourke and also one by Brian Howard. Plays a C set made by himself with a chanter made by the wonderful maker Joe Kennedy. Has a collection of over 800 instruments! Recently taught at Vancouver CeltFest 08. Works as a duo with Saskia Tomkins. www.steafan.com & myspace.com/steafan
Ed Harrison - Taylors SC (USA). I live near Greenville SC and have been playing the pipes for a number of years. Have Rogge D and C# set which I enjoy very much. Play mostly for weddings and music festivals in SC. Not too many uilleann pipers in SC but that is changing too. Just love the instrument and the music. erhebh@mindspring.com
Dominic Henderson - North Finchley, London, England - 19 Alright lads! It's great to finally meet some pipers!!! I'm coming up to 3 years of playing the pipes and I'm loving it more and more. I play a full set of D pipes made by Marc Van Daal. It is a lovely playing set, and I'd recomend anyone getting his pipes, he's also a really sound fella and he's great fun if you ever meet him.
I now currently reside in Norwich as I'm going to UEA (University of East Anglia), so I'm on the look out for a good session whilst starting a Irish fusion band. Kinda like Moving Hearts (when moore left, sounds like 'The storm' album) meets Planxty.
So yea, look after yourselves and happy piping!
Email: quin@hendersons90.freeserve.co.uk
Preston Howard - I grew up in Northern California where I first became interested in Irish traditional music, especially uilleann pipes. I started on the whistle at age 11 and at 13 began learning the Scottish highland pipes. Over the next 4 years I busked and saved my money (easy to do when you're a teenager) and played a borrowed flute in the local sessions. At 17 I finally acquired my first set of uilleann pipes. At this point I have been playing uilleann pipes for about 10 years. I now live in Portland, OR and play an Angus full concert D set made of English boxwood and brass. I work primarily as a musician around the Pacific Northwest, playing at pubs, music festivals, ceili, weddings, or anything else where a piper might be needed. I also teach lessons on both uilleann pipes and whistle. My current ambition is to acquire a flat set (the usual digression into the abyss).
Email: presto.drake78@gmail.com
Benjamin Jaber - San Diego, California, USA - I was born in Philadelphia to musician parents, and eventually made my way to Houston, TX where I spent most of my formative years playing classical music on the piano and organ and took up the French horn at age 10. It was in Houston that I also first became interested in Scottish piping. The first recording of Irish piping I ever heard was of Paddy Keenan's 1975 solo album, and I was hooked from that moment on. Seamus Ennis, Willie Clancy, and the other old masters were to follow, and upon the time I moved to Los Angeles in 2006, I had saved up for my first practice set. I was lucky enough to be around the SoCal Pipers' Club, who have been wonderfully supportive and fantastic to learn from. These days, I play Principal Horn in the San Diego Symphony, which is a really fun way to bring home the bacon. The rest of the time, I have two beautiful sets of pipes that I'm trying my best to keep up...a lovely, perky-yet-soulful half set in silver by Kirk Lynch, made in 1998/2001, which I'm looking to convert into a full set, and a stunning set of grand union pipes I'm lucky enough to have just acquired, also in silver and pitched down in the great key of B, made by Joe Kennedy in 2004. I love them both dearly and look forward to performing with them more!
Richard D. Katz - Los Gatos, California, USA - I have been playing uilleann pipes since 1998. I am a member of the Na Piobairi Uilleann in Dublin, The San Francisco Pipers' Club, and The Irish Pipers' Club of Seattle.
I play an African blackwood, imitation ivory, and nickel-silver concert D, full-set, made for me by Charles Roberts of Kings Mountain, Sligo, Ireland in September of 1998. I play at local sessions, and guest with several local bands.
I have performed with The Chieftains twice and once with Paddy Keenan at a house concert.
I teach whistle and pipes at my home in Los Gatos, California.
Rick Kemper - Silver Spring, MD, USA - Rick has been playing since 1999 and supports the Capital Region Uilleann Dilettantes (CRUD), which meets once each month in Silver Spring, Maryland to share tunes, fix reeds and encourage new pipers along. Rick teaches novice pipers and currently Plays a Full B set by Seth Gallagher and full D set by Bruce Childress.
Tom Klein - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. - Tom has played the pipes for much of his adult life, after growing up playing classical music. His enigmatic approach to Irish piping features the interplay of harmonic relationships -with some reinterpretation of the instrument itself- that embraces an array of traditions: from medieval chant to classical impressionism to American military marching band and beyond. He has performed in concert, taught workshops, or provided demonstrations at the Na Píobairí Uilleann Annual Tionól (Dublin) the Southern California Tionól, the Seattle Tionól, the St. Louis Tionól, and the Willie Clancy Summer School (Co. Clare, Ireland). Tom is the uilleann piper in The McNordiques, a Celtic-French-Nordic trio featuring Dan Newton and Renee Vaughan. He is a member of the Great Northern Irish Pipers' Club (GNIPC), a non-profit organization devoted to fostering uilleann piping in America's Deep North.
Carel Lanters - Netherlands - 1955 born the Netherlands. Occupation artist (sculpture and stereophotography) I play a full set in D made by Mark van Daal.
Fergus Maunsell - Belfast, N. Ireland - Born in London England in 1975 to Irish Father from Kerry and Mother from Donegal but now live in Belfast since 1981.

I started learning to play the uilleann pipes in April 1994 with Tom Clarke at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast. I first used a practice set on loan and then with my own 'D' practice set made by Brendan O'Hare from Belfast in 1994 which I used before getting Andreas Rogge Germany Uilleann Pipes.

In 1997 I got a Snakewood C chanter 3 keys and two years later in 1999 I got the snakewood C drones bag and bellows the regualors where added in 2001 and now play a Andreas Rogge lefthanded full set of uilleann pipes in the key of C which is made from snakewood, brass/artificial ivory. I also have a D chanter made from ebony brass/artificial ivory 3 keys and a B chanter made from plumwood brass/boxwood 4 keys.

The snakewood chanter has now 4 keys and a back D tuning screw and new art ivory on chanter top and art ivory on mainstock added on in March 2003. I now have a new D plumwood chanter brass/bowwood 4 keys which arrived on the Thursday 15 January 2004.
John Maze - Gainesville, Florida, USA - I have been playing since the mid 90's... got started by the pipers that would tour through Charlottesville Virginia... Now I live in Gainesville Florida where I run the Florida Tionol series... Please come on down sometime!

I play flute and a few different sticks (Lynch, Kohler, Britton, Burke, Childress, etc.) on two Childress bodies... one a full D set, the other a full B set. The B set is of course my favorite... Bruce did a great job. I am very active in the regional Irish traditional music circuit, and gig regularly. Professor by day, piper by addiction. Email: maze@ufl.edu
Danny McLaughlin - I started playing the pipes in 1988 in Manchester England, I had started playing the guitar at the age of 12 and then played the mandolin and banjo for a while. I heard a recording of Davy Spillane and liked the sound of the pipes. So I had a cousin over from Ireland, Co. Longford called Tony Nolan and he is a great piper and first got me playing. Tony showed me a scale and a few tunes but then he went back to Ireland after about four weeks, and there wasn't too many pipers around manchester at the time so I started to teach myself. I listened to all diffrent types of piping, (tight) and the (open) styles. I got myself a few Planxty albums and headed to the bedroom, everynight for 4 or 5 hours I played, (or tried to play some tunes). I never really played in sessions that much, but played in the kitchen and bedroom constantly. I used to go to sessions and watch other pipers when I could. Micheal McGoldrick, John Rooney, Dave Linn to name a couple. I bought myself a flat set pitched in C and played them for a few years, but i prefer the sound of d pitched pipes, (concert pitch) like the ones I play now. Besides if i wanted a good flat set again i would have to wait 4 or 5 years for them to be made and probably pay in the region of $10,000 buying a good set of pipes is like buying a house, you would need a mortgage.
Matt McNeely - Started pipes in 1996 after meeting Phil Sexton at Grandfather Mtn. Phil and Quinto Espina (Asheville) helped out a lot. I play a full concert set of Seth Gallagher pipes and Burke/Overton whistles. I really dig Finbar Furey, Cillian V, Paddy K, Johnny Doran and Leo Rowsome.
Email: buttermilkpiper@comcast.net
Eric Miller - Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. I have a great half set from Bruce Childress and I've been playing it for about three years now under a rigorous but not-so-technical self-instruction routine. I'm a piper but not much of a performer. My performances are mostly limited to my girlfriend'snot-so-discriminating yard-fauna, horses, drunken pig roasts, or off in the tundra. I used to lead an uilleann jug band in Montana but we were much better at beer drinking than making music.
Email: trout_e@hotmail.com
Alex Navar - Rio, Brasil - I am 40 years old, musician, graphic designer, natural from Rio de Janeiro. I spent one year (2000) learning the basics of the art of the uilleann pipes at Cuma na bPiobairi Corcaigh (CPC) and also at Na Piobairi Uilleann (NPU). I had classes with Jhonny Mitchell, Joe Doyle, Nollaig Mac Cárthaigh among others. I am learning how to play the uilleann pipes for about 12 years, almost self-taught. My hybrit set: (Alain Froment - (1998) Practice Set ,Concert Pitch with Drones made by Jhonny Mitchell) I have also a full-keyed Andy Faden's Chanter in Ebony and Brass(2012). I am currently promoting Irish Music and Uilleann Piping music in Brasil playing at festivals and ceremonies. If someone is planing to visit Rio, get in touch and bring the pipes! Lets play some tunes!
Email: pipernavar(at)gmail(dot)com
Eric Olson - Colorado Springs, Clorado, USA - In 1991, I bought a practice set from Eric Rigler - known for his Hollywood recordings for "Braveheart", "Titanic" soundtracks etc. Good to know the proceeds from that transaction traveled to Ireland the next day and went straight to the hands of Alain Froment where the other Eric took possession of his concert D set.

In 1995, I acquired a concert D set from Andreas Rogge and started ceili band-what better way to refine the craft than to commit yourself to playing in public? (Practice and get good first, you say??) A flat set in C came on to the scene in 1997. A welcome addition.

I currently teach locally and in Denver. A real treat it is to be an ambassador of this very fine music played on such a fine instrument.

Phone: 719-495-9037 Email: mountainroad@rmi.net
Elegwen O'Maoileoin - West of Ireland - Cad é mar atá tú? My name is Elegwen O'Maoileoin and I just started the uilleann pipes in 2003 with a Cillian O Briain practice set; I await the full set of drones and regulators which he says I'll be able to pick up around 2012. Though I would hope for sooner, I am a tremendous fan of Cillian. I will be playing the pipes up and down the west coast of Ireland for summer 2005, as I hope, and anyone who might be thereabouts is welcome to email me and see if we can meet up for some tunes. I have recently been playing in the Celtic group DAMANTA. We are hoping to get into the Tokyo Celtic Festival in October. So, if you are in or around the UK or Ireland, let me know. Slán, Elegwen Email: elegwen@hotmail.com
Steve Pribyl - Pasadena, California, USA - I started playing pipes just so I could get my name on this list.
Johnny Redstone - New Jersey, USA - Hey all, like a few others, I started to play the GHB, in a Firefighters Pipe Band no less, but loved the uilleanns. Bought a half set from Bob May from the Chicago area in 2001. Didn't fair so well on it and actually put it in storage under the bed. Took it out from time to time, with great frustration, never making the big hurdles. It sat for years, and by April of 2010, I took it back up, but pushed forward with several different makers. Had a Sky chanter, which help me find that second octave E, then went with a Neil O'Grady 1/2 set, and learned a bit about maintenance and tuning and I loved that set, it really got me through and going. Out of just part obsession and compulsion I bought a full set of Marc van Daal's. It is just a brilliant sounding set. I now play a 1/2 set of Seth Gallagher's as he is the closest maker to me, and I still have the van Daal set and a Bruce Childress chanter. Still very new to the pipes and making slow progress. I go to the Hudson River Pipers club in NY. I have taken workshops with Paddy Keenan, Jerry O'Sullivan, Fiachra Reagan, Cooney, I attended the NE tionol in 2011 and hope to go as many years as I can. Put up a few videos on Youtube to mark the milestones, but they are shakey and sound horrible, in 21 years I will, God willing, look back with marked improvement and say wow. Anyone in the NJ area who would like to work out a tune or two and have a few pints, give me a shout. JohnERed at yahoo dot com
Patrick Sky - Chapel Hill, NC - Patrick's involvement in Irish music, especially piping, have made him one of the seminal figures of the Irish music revival in the United States. He found a set of Rowsome Pipes in a bar in New York dropped his successful career as a folksinger and with Liam O'Flynn went to Ireland where he lived off on for 10 years. He has been playing and making pipes ever since. His book "A Manual for the Irish Uilleann Pipes" is one of the recognized text on the subject. In 1970 he was also one of the early pipe makers starting in 1973. For a few years Patrick Sky, David Quinn and Patrick Henley were the only pipe makers in the US. It was while recording Seamus Ennis in the field that Patrick and Lisa Null founded Green Linnet Records. During this period he recorded and produced two of the truly great piping albums: Tommy Reck's "A Stone in the Field" and Seamus Ennis' " 40 Years of Irish Piping." Both Patrick and his lovely wife Cathy, who plays the fiddle, have earned their Masters degrees in Cultural Studies/Folklore from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Pat focused on early American music collectors and Cathy on the traditional music of County Clare, Ireland. Deeply interested in the historical and cultural background of Irish traditional music, they have co-taught courses in Irish Musical Traditions at Duke University Continuing Education and University North Carolina summer Elderhostel programs. Web site: www.patricksky.com
Joseph Smith - Central Florida, USA - I am recently newcome to uilleann piping. I have played the GHBs for over twenty years...and that means that I will need to spend at least twenty years unlearning GHB technique. I was first smitten, then bitten, by the bug about the same time I started the GHBs, but due to the difficulty of finding a set of UPs at that time, I continued on with the other pipes. I am currently living with my wife and dog in sunny central Florida (being a Minnesota refugee from the Twin Cities) where I attend St. Petersburg College for Veterinary Technology. I live a stones throw away from Walt Disney World where my wife works as a massage therapist through the resorts there. Hope to meet some of you someday, perhaps at a Tionol in Florida. This area of the country is usually pretty good to reeds as the relative humidity remains pretty constant with the dew points hanging around the 60-70% mark. Not too bad. Email: Mrgurglesnort@aol.com
Bill Thomas - Rindge, NH - After playing Irish music on the flute since 1970, I finally got my hands on a practice set of Eugene Lambe's pipes in 1986. Later that year I had a visit from Eugene, and started saving my pin money for a full set, which Eugene made in the winter of '88/'89. In '89 I found myself sitting in Tommy Keane's class at Willie Week. That fall Eugene spent a considerable amount of time in my neck of the woods, feeding my longstanding interest in the making of woodwind instruments and particularly pipes. As a furnituremaker, I had the resources to do some experimenting along these lines, and I made a couple of chanters. The next thing I knew I was getting phone calls from people who had heard through the grapevine that I was making pipes. I threw caution to the winds and proceeded to spend the next five years or so concentrating on an occupation guaranteed to lose money.

Meanwhile I was playing and learning. My main outlet at the time was playing for contra dances and the occasional session. I bugged Patrick Hutchinson until he finally agreed to give me a few key lessons, which came at the right time to tighten my flute fingering up a bit. Since then my pipe making has come to an end while my playing has continued with regular weekly sessions at "The People's Pint" in Greenfield, MA, more trips to Ireland, and many performances and festivals. I still get the occasional urge to turn my hand to making pipes again. I still have all the tools, you never know...
Steve Turner - Bristol, UK - I'm an experienced and capable uilleann piper based in Bristol and I have been playing the pipes since 1992. I offer a range of musical services. Providing traditional Irish music for wedding and other religious services. Providing dignified and respectful music for funeral services. Tuition on the uilleann pipes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. Reedmaking for the uilleann pipes. Studio and session work for radio and TV. Arts and Cultural Events. Music Festivals and Folk Clubs.
Ben Walker - Manchester, UK - My name is Ben Walker. I live in Manchester UK. I have been Playing Uilleann Pipes for about 10 years. I play a hybrid set. Maker of Drones and Regs (Mc Carthy) Circa 1970 with a Cillian O'Briain chanter.(Allan Moller made new reg keys based on his Johnny Bourke set) I am also a Singer/song writer and play a number of other instruments. I play mainly with Celtic Harper Chris Knowles.
Doug Yarn Athens, Georgia, USA. I started playing around Y2K when Michael Vignoles was living in Athens, Georgia, and made a practice set for me. With little time for practice, picking up the UP in my late 40’s (now 50’s) as my first instrument has been a challenge, and progress has been painfully slow. The generous and irrepressible Henry Franz in Atlanta was a great help early on, and the very welcoming 2005 S.E. Pipers gathering was a revelation. In the picture, I’m playing a Charles Roberts half-set with my ten-piece ceili band, Banish Misfortune…few local pubs have the space. Also, I have a Britton half-set, the chanter of which remains beyond my skill, and a Pat Sky chanter, which in comparison to the delicate Roberts chanter is like playing a log, but I love it.
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