west coast tionól
san francisco - feb. 1999
The likely lads and lasses... The likely lads and lasses at the 1999 San Francisco Tionól.
Jimmy O'Brien-Moran and David Quinn... Jimmy O'Brien-Moran, David Quinn and Greg Schnider ponder over wood, brass and grass.
Andreas Rogge and Jimmy O'Brien-Moran... Andreas Rogge and Jimmy O'Brien-Moran ponder over wood, brass and grass.Noticing a theme yet?
Andreas Rogge... Andreas Rogge, business as usual.
Bernard Grigsby... Bernard Grigsby playing a Wooff set with an 'E' regulator at the SF '99 Tionól.
Seán Folsom... Seán Folsom playing with his Hurdy Gurdy at the SF '99 Tionól.
Jimmy O'Brien-Moran... Jimmy O'Brien-Moran entertaining the masses at the Plough and the Stars Pub on the Sunday night of the SF '99 Tionól.
Jimmy, Andreas and Todd Denman... Jimmy, Andreas and Todd Denman. Tunes.....
Jimmy playing away. Jimmy playing away.
Victor Fitzsimons... Victor Fitzsimons listening to the music and pretending to have a pint ;)
Andreas Rogge... Andreas Rogge making a new reed for Conall O'Raghallaigh's set.
Sam O'Kane... Sam O'Kane having a *really* good time.
I couldn't resist this one. I couldn't resist this one.

Séamus Ennis... Séamus Ennis shows a group how he learn't his tok, ghrip and thruckilly how. I got this one from the excellent Willie Clancy Summer School website.
We were honoured... We were honoured with the presence of some very special guests on Thursday the 21st of March. Mick O'Brien, Eric Rigler, Sebastien Petiet (violin/fiddler:) and Séamus (flaut/flutist:) from the RTE Concert Orchestra.
Mick O'Brien... Mick O'Brien playing his Willie Rowesome D set.
Eric, Sebastien Petiet and Mick. Eric, Sebastien Petiet and Mick.
Victor... Victor shows Mick how it's done on his Hughes & McLeod boxwood 1/2 set ;)
Eric Rigler... Eric Rigler playing his Alain Froment D set.
Myself and Eric. Myself and Eric.
Mick... Mick plays us one for the road.
A great old picture... A great old picture of Leo Rowesome that I found on the Na Píobairí Uilleann site.
The Dawn (clip from artistdirect.com)
A photo taken...

A photo taken by a M. Donovan of Skibbereen around the 20's possibly. Anyone know the piper? I copied this picture from ebay, if there is a problem with me doing this please let me know.

Follow Up: 12/07/03: This past weekend I received an email from this subjects Grandson, Mr. Michael Masterson, asking for further information on the photo and it's whereabouts. He also included more information on his Grandfather and four more photos:

“Bernie (Bernard Joseph) O’Donovan was born in 1888 in Skibbereen, son of Michael Donovan and Eliza Hallihane. Michael Donovan was a jeweler and correspondent for the Cork Examiner, as far as I can tell. The address I have is West End House, Townsend Street, Skibbereen.

Bernie was known as the Carberry Piper. He emigrated to America in 1908, and came to Chicago. He is mentioned in Captain O’Neill’s book (Irish Folk Music: A Fascinating Hobby…) and is pictured on page 127 with his pipes. He married Catherine Murphy and had three children, one of them my father. Bernie was killed in a car accident in 1923.”

If anyone can help in locating the first photo here please contact Mr. Michael Masterson at mdmasterson@yahoo.com

Follow Up: 05/04/09: Another photo of The Carberry Piper has surfaced. This time at a younger age. It is from the National Library of Ireland's website. The photo was flipped backwards on their website, I have taken the liberty to correct it. It states: "Group, including pipers, outside Town Hall after Feis, Waterford. Reproduction Rights owned by the National Library of Ireland. Library Reference Number: PWP1316". There seems to be quite a resemblance between some of the children. I wonder if this is a family picture? Or might the gentleman to the right be their music teacher with his students at the feis?
Peter and the Wooff... Peter and the Wooff. One of the earliest outdoor sessions, WCSS 1985 (possibly '84). ©Peter Laban, Milltown Malbay
Mick and Aoife O'Brien... Mick and Aoife O'Brien at WCSS 1990. The pipes are Robert van Dykes 'white' set. ©Peter Laban, Milltown Malbay
Early, Liam O'Flynn's... Early, Liam O'Flynn's outdoor recital at WCSS 1980. Jimmy O'Brien-Moran watching on closely. ©Peter Laban, Milltown Malbay
Paddy Keenan... Paddy Keenan playing at the Harcourt Hotel in Dublin with his new David Williams regulators.
Thanks... Thanks to Gabriel McKeagney and his father Johnny for providing me with the next two photographs. This one is of Paddy playing at the William Kennedy Festival.
Mick O'Brien... Mick O'Brien playing at the William Kennedy Festival 1999.
Séamus Ennis...

Séamus Ennis entertaining "members of the nobility". The Na Píobabirí Uilleann site states this, "Pictured at a Tionól in Termonfechin (Séamus Ennis) is surrounded by, among others, Jackie Small, Pat Mitchell, Breandán Breathnach, Seán Reid, Andy Conroy & Noel Pocock". Photo and info acquired from the NPU website.

Follow Up: 12/12/03: Terry Moylan sent me an email with two very nice attachments. Terry took these pictures at the 1971 Termonfechin Tionól. I have left the original so you can see the improvement in quality and colour. I never knew Séamus owned a blue suit, very striking with the red carnation! Thank you very much to Terry for sharing these with us, they are a wonderful addition to the site.

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This is a Craig Fischer... This is a Craig Fischer flute made in 1998 that belongs to a certain someone that I know. Lovely instrument!
This is... This is a photo of Kate Bush 'playing' a nice looking set. I don't know who made them, perhaps they belong to Liam O'Flynn as he played on her Hounds of Love album? Or maybe it's a set of Davy Spillanes as he played on her Sensual World album.

Update 01/11/06: Tommy Keane on his visit to us for our 2006 So Cal Tionól told me that the set Kate is holding are Tommy McCarthy's Rowsome set. The set that he was playing on his visit out here. They were collected by limo from Tom McCarthy’s house in London for the photo shoot.
Todd Denman... Todd Denman, in need of a good nights rest, playing a lovely B Wooff set ;)

chicago tionól
september 18th & 19th 1999
The great Al Purcell.

Seán Ryan and Al having a few tunes.

Pat Cannady and Myself lashing out a few tunes.
John Gaffney.
Glenn A. Schultz
Having dinner with all the gang.
The inevitable session at The Abbey Pub.
Seamus Ennis, Seth Gallagher and Kynch O'Kaine.... and they thought he'd never get between them!
Al and Brendan McKinney, now the owner of Chief O'Neill's Pub in Chicago.
Bob Shanley, Lewis Blevin's and Pat Cannady.
LARGE FILE: I use this one periodically as a wallpaper on my desktop. Brendan and Al.
Brendan and Al again.
The whole gamut!
Seth and Kynch.
More of the same.
Brendan McKinney once more, this time with Dennis Cahill.
Kevin Popejoy.
Some of the crowd... most people had split at this point... (off getting sauced up more like ;)
View of Chicago from the air.
The tent from outside.
Al and his illustrious guitar playing partner whose name I do not know.
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