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Pipemaker Showcase

This section is to highlight upcoming quality pipemakers.

Burton and Wyatt

Alan Burton - Reedmaker

Alan, born in the wilds of West Penwith, Cornwall, is renown worldwide for his excellent reedmaking skills, having provided reeds for uilleann pipers around the world for many years.

Contact: Alan Burton, Penzance, Cornwall, Britain

Brian Bigley

Brian Bigley Uilleann Pipes

Brian Bigley comes from musical family on the west side of Cleveland. Studying with Achill Island, piper Michael Kilbane from the age of eight, Brian's sensitivity to the art of uilleann piping has developed into a high level of understanding. His interest in maintaining the best sound possible led Brian to study the art of pipe-making with Seth Gallagher in upstate New York and time spent with flute maker Patrick Olwell. He is currently making pipes in the style of the late Dave Williams and is an accomplished reed maker. Competitive accolades include taking first prize at the Midwest Regional Fleadh Cheoil 2007.

Contact: Brian Bigley, Cleveland, Ohio
Phone: 440.554.2394


Ray Sloan - Uilleann Pipes

Every set of pipes I make is made entirely to individual order which guarantees that your pipes are made personally for you and so are unique and special to you and your requirements.

My styles and methods have been developed and well-honed in over 30 years of pipe-making. I can therefore guarantee that every set of Pipes I make will be fully in tune and properly adjusted to all of the expected norms of playing.

If you go to my 'Uilleann' page you will find many pictures showing details of my Irish Uilleann Pipes and in addition several articles on Uilleann Pipes, the history of the Uilleann Pipes and advice on buying Uilleann Pipes.

If you visit my 'Links' page you will find links to a good variety of websites dedicated to both Uilleann Piping and Scottish Smallpipe interest. I hope you find what you are looking for on these pages and please feel free to contact me with any questions -


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Pipes For Sale

  1. Kirk Lynch D ½ Set - This is the last set Kirk built as he has retired (per Kirk) and the only nickel plated set he ever built. The set has a wood top with stop key, C and F keys and composite drone reeds. There are 3 chanter reeds made by him and one made by Tim Britton. The Lynch reeds 2 will need some TLC and the one marked new is ok. The Britton reed is the best.
    The set comes with a BAM carbon fiber viola case ($1000,00 what I paid) and holds the set perfectly.
    I'm sadly selling the set due to a work related injury (back) and new work situation which is 6 days per week.
    Listed: 05/05/2024
    Price: $6800.00 firm US only - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance, included in list price] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Michael Ring at
    Location: New Hampshire, USA
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  2. B.C. Childress D ½ Set - Brand New Bruce Childress D 1/2 Set, Born December 2023
    "I had Bruce make these for me and I picked them up in December of 2023, and sadly my arthritis has decided I won't be playing them comfortably anymore. I really want them to go to a good home where they will be played. They are African blackwood with imitation ivory and brass. Fully keyed chanter. I'm still a beginner and had a slightly challenging time keeping everything in tune when I have played over the past few months, but again, I am a beginner. Bruce sent me tips for his pipes, and I can pass them along if wanted. He is also available to email with any questions about the pipes themselves. I didn't include a sound sample because you wouldn't want to hear me but you can hear Bruce Childress's Pipes on his facebook page and a price list on his website.
    I have a padded keyboard bag for them and will pack them up well inside the bag and then have a sturdy box for musical instruments which I will put them in which will have a lot of padding between the bag and box.
    Payment accepted: Venmo, Paypal or Zelle.
    Listed: 04/23/2024
    Price: $5,100 - [Includes Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Lauren Kenneally at
    Location: Northeast, USA
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  3. Eugene Lambe D Full Set - 1985 Eugene Lambe Full Set Concert Pitch (Key of D). Lignum Vitae, Brass and Imitation Ivory. Oversize mounts on regulators and chanter. Chanter has 4 keys: Bb/Cnat/Fnat/G#. Chanter equipped with Stop Key and Popping Valve. MacHarg Bag and full set of regulator, drone and chanter reeds. Original Eugene Lambe instrument case in plywood painted black. The pipes were borrowed and played by Paddy Moloney at The Chieftains concert at Great Woods, Norton, MA on July 18th 1995 when Paddy's luggage did not arrive in Boston. Stage was shared with Sarah McLachlan and Ron Sexsmith.
    Listed: 09/07/2023
    Price: $6500 - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: John Callahan at
    Location: Taunton, MA, USA
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  4. Romain Casta D Chanter Chanter - I sell this new D concert pitch chanter that I made few weeks ago. It is in blackwood and brass. I sell it at at low price of 500€ because it is a first one, it is in France, but I can send it anywhere. I sell it to buy new material and continue to make chanters.
    Below you can hear it, played by myself.
    Listed: 07/26/2023
    Price: €500 - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Romain Casta at
    Location: France
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!


  5. 18/19th Century KENNA B ¾ Set - For sale is a set of pipes marked "Kenna Inventor Dublin". The chanter, main stock, and the baritone regulator are stamped as seen in the photos. The Kenna set includes the chanter, mainstock, two regulators, and three drones. The dark wood tenor regulator is marked "E WHITE Roxbury Mass.". This sale will include every piece seen in the photos. There is also a reed included that I believe is the original Kenna staple. The mouth and bindings are new. To my knowledge, the pipes have been assembled and played.
    More details on pipemaker Kenna here
    More details on pipemaker Edward "Ned" White here

    Material: Kennas - fruitwood, brass, ivory and lamb skin/sheep skin. E White - Dark boxwood, brass and ivory. Main stock bag cup is of horn.

    Condition: The pipes have considerable wear and light damage to a few areas. The baritone regulator is missing the tuning pin, and the brass ring on the bottom is not original. The non connecting wooden end of the bass drone is broken. All of the pads on the keys have been replaced. The E. White regulator will need 2 keys to be attached (with key pins - Ed.), one key re-sprung and replace the end cap (May have this; see photo of complete set. Item in 2nd bag from the right might be that part - Ed.). On the E. White regulator there are two replacement keys, one key is original and the other key was made by my father. The original bag and bellows were preserved but due to the aging of the material they were deemed unusable. Some of the main wooden inlay on the bellows is missing, and possibly the inlay from above the air intake. Most of the brass has green areas that can be scraped away with a fingernail. Some of the brass pieces are cracked or split as are some of the ivory pieces. Some of the brass pieces such as the keys have been cleaned, others have not. My father kept these pipes in as close to the condition he found them in. He ensured that every piece of the pipes were to be kept as original and every scrap saved. The condition seen in the photos are the current condition and are being sold "as is". I do not guarantee that these are playable as is.

    What is included: Everything seen in the photographs. This also includes any and all items that were preserved.

    History: These pipes were left to me by my late father. He acquired the pipes sometime in the 1970's in Lincoln Park here in Chicago. They were in a heavily damaged suitcase in the basement of the home. Upon discovering who the maker was he went about preserving and documenting everything he could.

    These have always been in a wooden case in a temperature/moisture controlled environment while in our possession. As previously stated, I believe these pipes have been assembled and played a handful of times. I have a tape recording of Donacha Keegan playing the Kenna chanter at NPU in Dublin; it was recorded by my father in 1999. When I have it digitized I will add it here.

    Also, an interesting note. The inlay on the bellows had fallen apart when my father found them. He noticed a piece of newspaper had been laid flat behind the newspaper. He carefully removed the exposed section of the newspaper. You can see what seems to be a date of 1773 on the piece removed.

    Location: I am located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. If you are interested in seeing the pipes in person, please contact me and we will see what can be arranged. I will only entertain this request if you make a serious offer. I am happy to provide more detailed photographs, or answer questions via email upon request.

    Reason for sale: Unfortunately, I never received any of my fathers talent for music and instruments. Though he treasured these pipes, I have no use for them. I would hate to see them hidden away and possibly lost in the future. I feel these should be used for what they were made for and/or put on exhibit.

    Payment, shipping and transfer of ownership: I will only accept a wire transfer, cashier check, or cash as payment. Cashier checks will need to be verified before transfer. I would greatly prefer to meet at my or a bank of your choosings branch for payment and transfer. Regarding shipping, I would strongly advise against shipping but if you would like them shipped, you will accept all financial responsibility and risk. I will follow any and all instructions for shipping regarding who ships them (granted they have offices located in Chicago), how they are shipped (overnight insured, express, currier, etc.) and what to ship them in (double boxed, bubble wrapped, etc.). This will be done solely at your expense and will be agreed upon prior to the sale. This cost will be added to the final amount. I will assume no responsibility once these pipes are no longer in my sole possession. I will additionally assume no responsibility for issues regarding import or customs duties and/or issues. I am more than happy to provide a bill of sale upon request.

    Additional information: To allow for these pipes to be played in the past my father needed a new bag and bellows to be made. These items are not included in the sale. They do not contain any of the original Kenna pieces.

    Listed: 07/14/2023
    Price: Accepting Serious Offers - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Ryan McCaffrey at
    Location: Chicago, USA
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

    Ryan's Google Photo Gallery »

  6. vPipes - Pipes in perfect condition for sale. Used when kids where a sleep to learn a few tunes.
    Listed: 01/20/2016
    Price: €1000 - [buyer pays shipping & insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Darragh O Heiligh at Tel: (087) 7670464
    Location: Drogheda, Ireland
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  7. B.C. Childress D Chanter - 2015 Childress concert pitch chanter, fully keyed(C, F, G#, Bb, and 3rd octave D), with wooden headpiece ,gooseneck chanter stock, and mount for stop key. African Blackwood, imitation ivory, and brass. Price is $2200, which is less than what a new chanter from Bruce with these specifications would cost.
    Listed: 09/03/2022
    Price: $2,200 - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Tim Hill at
    Location: San Francisco, USA
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  8. Eugene Lambe D Full Set - Chanter & Drones 2013. Tenor & Baritone Regulator 2013. Bass Regulator 2013. I have owned and played this set since it was made - there are no previous owners.
    Material: Blackwood, Brass, faux ivory
    Special Features: Chanter has a C-natural key and a second key for the F-natural.
    Condition: The overall condition is very good. I have never polished the brass parts. There is a small dent in the brass. The plastic mounts on the drones have turned a bit yellow over the years. One of the regulators is not working because I've accidentally disassembled the reed, which is in perfect conditions, but needs to be assembled properly.
    Reason for sale: Honestly, I've played it few times because I didn't have time to sit down and learn how to really play them and I'm still in the same situation, so they are in great condition.
    Asking Price: I'm hoping for 4500USD but I'm open to offers. It will go for the best bid.
    Listed: 09/01/2022
    Price: $4,500 o.b.o. - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Martin Casanova at
    Location: Argentina
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  9. Ian MacKenzie D Practice Set - African Blackwood, brass ferruls and Delrin mounts, one brass key(C natural). Quality stitched leather bellows and bag( no leaks in over 20 yrs) Aluminum hard case, 2 extra reeds plus the original reed recipe, extra staple and collar. Hand made around 1995 by Ian Mackenzie an Australian pipe maker. They are loud and throaty for uillaenn pipes. Sorry I don't have any sound samples but am no longer able to play due to my health. Swore I'd never part with them but I can't play any longer and they need a good home.
    Listed: 08/16/2022
    Price: Reduced: $1200 $950 o.b.o. - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Charles Crunk at
    Location: Alabama, USA
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  10. Rogge D Chanter - Bought it years ago and it's been sitting here unplayed - It could probably do with a better reed.
    Listed: 07/11/2022
    Price: Reduced: $600 - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Cormac Gannon at
    Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  11. Gallagher & Rogge D 3/4 Set - Gallagher Chanter with Will Woodson reed. Gallagher Drones with Banton Reeds. Rogge regulators with a Bigley Reed in the Tenor and Rogge reed in the Baritone. Comes with the case. No bellows, but could arrange for a new one.
    Listed: 06/22/2022
    Price: $9,000 o.b.o. - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance - approx $180] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Brian Bigley at Text or call 440-554-2394.
    Location: USA
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!


  12. Sale or Swap: Martin Doyle Flute - Flute purchased in May 2021 from Martin Doyle. The wood the flute is made of is blackwood. The flute has silver rings. The flute does not have any even the smallest defects or hidden defects. Little played, regularly serviced with almond oil. I am selling a flute because of my age. I can't play the flute anymore. I am happy to swap to a playing chanter in B uilleann pipes or consider any reasonable offer.
    Listed: 06/16/2022
    Price: €720 or see above - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Sebastian Sajdak at
    Location: Ireland
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  13. Whistle Collection - A collection of high quality whistles. All prices recommended by their makers.
    These items are for sale by Lauren Haller whose husband, Peter, these instruments belonged to until his passing last year.
    1. SOLD Colin Goldie / Overton Whistle. Like new condition. Low F $360
    2. SOLD Colin Goldie / Overton Whistle. Like new condition. Mezzo High A $330
    3. SOLD Colin Goldie / Overton Whistle. Like new condition. Soprano High D $310
    4. MK Whistles. Like new condition. Low D $335.
    5. SOLD MK Whistles. Like new condition. Low F $290
    6. SOLD Copeland. Like new condition. Low D $1250
    7. SOLD Maurice Reviol Combo. Like new condition. Low F and Low G Combo $320
    8. Chris Abell. Like new condition. All are African Blackwood and Sterling Silver D $500
    9. Chris Abell. Like new condition. A, B and Bb Set $1,100
    10. Chris Abell. Like new condition. Low G $700
    Listed: 03/23/2022
    Price: See above - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Lauren Haller at
    Location: New York, USA
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

  14. Seivane Gaitas in C - I'm looking to sell my brand new Seivane gaitas set in C or quite possibly to exchange the set for a bellows blown set of Fred Morrison smallpipes in A.
    I'm predominantly a Highland piper and bought and started to learn the gaitas with the best of intentions. However I have realized I just don't have the time to take up a second instrument. Guess I was impulse buying; my loss, your gain.
    The gaita set is made from granadilla with engraved triskele silver ring caps, bass drone, chanter and tenor drone, black velvet cover with black and red cords. Comes with sturdy Seivane embossed carry case.
    Listed: 02/01/2022
    Price: UK£2,000 - [Buyer Pays Shipping & Insurance] Currency Converter »
    Contact: Malcolm Muir at
    Location: U.K.
    Please use caution when sharing personal information!

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