piping & influential
cover Various - Ace & Deuce of Pipering Uilleann Piper - Leo Rowsome

cover Classic Ceili Bands

cover The Drones & The Chanters - Vol. 1

The Drones & The Chanters - Vol. 2

cover Various - Farewell to Ireland Pipers - Patsy Touhey & Tom Ennis

cover Various - From Galway to Dublin Pipers - Tommy Reck, Leo Rowsome & Liam Walsh

cover Various - The Gentlemen Pipers

cover Various - Irish Dance Music

cover Various - Irish Piping Flutes & Whistles - featuring Al Purcell & Tim Britton

cover Irish Traditional Fiddle Music (Reels, Jigs & Polkas) - featuring Dan O'Dowd - on the cover only :(

cover Na Connery's - Celtic Sessions - featuring: Seán Potts (?)

cover Various - Paddy In The Smoke - featuring: Lucy Farr, Martin Byrnes, Bobby Casey, Julia Clifford & Tommy Maguire

cover Various - Piping Hot - featuring: Jerry O'Sullivan, Joe McKenna, Seamus Ennis & Tommy Reck

cover Ireland: Art of Sean Nos by Roisin Elsafty and Treasa Ni Cheannabain.

cover Real Irish Christmas Pipers - Ronan Browne w/Cran

cover Various - The Best of Irish Traditional Music Pipers - Mick O'Brien

cover Various - Traditional Songs Of Ireland

cover Various - Uilleann Pipes of Ireland - Piper: Jean-Yves le Pape

cover Various - World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music, Vol. 2: Ireland Pipers - Séamus Ennis

cover Road to Perdition - Motion Picture Soundtrack Piper - Kieran O'Hare

cover Road to Perdition - DVD

cover Traditional Irish Music in America: Chicago Piper - Joe Shannon

cover Traditional Irish Music in America: The East Coast Piper - Tim Britton

cover Light Through the Leaves: Traditional Irish Wind Instrumentals Piper - Al Purcell & Tim Britton.

cover Wheels of the World, Vol. 1 Pipers - Patrick J. Touchey, Michael Carney and others.

cover Wheels of the World, Vol. 2 Pipers - Patrick J. Touchey, Michael Carney, Tom Ennis and others.

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